Feedback on tempo, rotation, placement and ball flight altitude


In Returnboard training the FEEDBACK is a unique criterion.


A board gives a clear "visual indication" of the quality by the way the ball rebounds the previous blow.


Feedback from the returnboard is provided by a visual feedback.

Trainers and trainers receive training


     · a FEEDBACK for the rotation of the beaten ball


     · a FEEDBACK to the tempo of the beaten ball


     · a FEEDBACK to place the beaten ball


     · and a FEEDBACK to the ball flight height of the ball.


The coach can then give specific instructions for the execution of these components, to improve the technique of the trainee.


Good coordination of these four components results in a good RETURNBALL.

A good RETURNBALL is a ball that jumps up near your own baseline - so a long ball!

A "good return" thus creates the conditions for a subsequent "successful long rally".


The trainee also visually learns the quality of his execution.

An improved hit performance is immediately visible on a successful long return ball.


If, for example, the return is hanging on the net, the exerciser visually recognizes that no rally can and does occur.


Then the coach will point out that the TEMPO of the blow must be increased to allow a long ball over the net

comes back to the trainee.


The practice task is always to create a return ball that strikes as a "long ball" near its own baseline

NOTE: A long return ball near your own baseline is a good prerequisite for achieving longer rallies.



In order to achieve long rallies in topspin training, the four components






     PLACEMENT and




To coordinate sufficiently well that thereby several rallies (at least five rallies) come about.


If the rappers make five rallies several times, it can be assumed that the trained technique

is stably controlled at the selected block angle and the increased tempo.


Now he can increase himself by closing the Block angle, to train faster TOPSPINS with more ROTATION.


Motto: With the FEEDBACK to an improved table tennis technique!