Selection of a training device

According to which criterion do I choose a training device for table tennis training?

Which training methods help me to achieve my goal in child and youth training?

First, the question should be answered, "what do I want to train and improve":

Technique, tactics, stamina or ball feeling?

What does it take to make table tennis fun? Ideas are needed!



Consider the base of a table tennis player - his TECHNIQUE.

Especially in children and youth training the "language of the ball" should be understood


Our youth is very communicative!
Very soon, an SMS or WhatsApp is written and the answer, the feedback, will not be long in coming.

So why not give our children a feedback in the table tennis:

for placement, tempo, rotation and ball altitude (called PTRF effects) the ball they played / trained.

Better than a theoretical explanation of the technique, a visual feedback will give you an idea of the language of the ball.

With the training devices I have developed, the visual feedback with special exercises should be clarified.










                       Ball donor training on the return board





Immediate recognition, both by the trainer and by the trainer, which results in the batting result, can be achieved very quickly by correcting and re-practicing a training progress.

This should be clarified by way of example on the basis of special training devices and videos

Returnboard Training    


Technique training with feedback for the player and the coach

     - with feedback on the placement
     - with a feedback on the tempo and
     - with a feedback very vivid to the rotation

in the execution of a strike within a ball change

Improvement of personal timing at Topspin and counter-ball

First action patterns for the ball feel are felt by beginners.

              Returnboard   Promotion-Tour   


              2011 in Berlin 

              as a participation ACTION

              at a championship


Training devices benefits

Ballroboter                 Kontrolle und Verbesserung von  
                                       Bewegungsabläufen, Konditionstraining und Beinarbeitstraining 

Balleimertraining     hochmotivierendeTrainingsform mit hoher Schlagfrequenz und variablem Balleinspiel

Balleinroller               Hilfsmittel zum präzisen Balleinspiel beim  Balleimertraining             

Topspinnetz                 Training des weich angerissenen Topspins über ein erhöhtes Netz

Ballon-Netz                 Training flacher Aufschläge und flacher Topspins

                                        Training der Ballon-Abwehr und Schmettern auf Ballonbälle
                                        Training des "weich angerissenen Topspins" auf UNTERSCHNITT 
Returny                         Platzierungselement zum Training der Platzierung aus einem Ballwechsel heraus                                                                                    oder zur Aufschlagplatzierung


                                        Training eines Schupfballs mittels Ballwechsel


                                        Trainingsgerät mit "langen glatten Noppen" für das Training mehrerer Topspins auf Unterschnitt

                                        oder von Topspins auf Unterschnitt auf das daneben positionierte Topspin-Returnboard..

                                        Ein als Topspin auf das Board gespielter Ball kommt als Unterschnittball vom Board zurück.

Spin-Rad                        tangentiale Beschleunigung und Schnelligkeitsausdauer für die Topspin-Bewegung

Spinblocker                  Ausgleichbewegung zum Aufschlagspin, Blocktraining gegen Topspin 

                                         Feedback zur Aufschlagrotation
                                         Erste Aktionsmuster für das Ballgefühl bei Anfängern  

Tischtennis - BIATHLON  


                                         gezieltes Platzierungstraining - beim Aufschlag, für TOPSPIN auf Balleimer ,

                                         KONTERBALL auf Balleimer, SCHUSS auf Balleimer   

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