To be able to play a multiple rollover with 5 to 10 topspins, are for TRAINING


MOVING MOVEMENT and LEG WORK to coordinate well.








                  POWER RETURN BOARD +60 VARIANT

                  with variable "late block"

                  10, 20, 30, 40, 50 to 60 cm



My recommendation:

If you can safely and repeatedly play in the selected LEVEL 5 TOPSPINS then you have in this level

achieved a good RETURN STABILITY.

Now you can close the block angle by setting the next higher LEVEL

and train topspins with increased TEMPO and greater ROTATION.

If your balls are constantly flying over their own baseline, close the block angle,

in which you set a higher LEVEL.

You will realize that you have a certain topspin baseline level with your FORM.

Also for your topspin-backhand you should determine your personal starting level.

With the LEVEL BAR, each BLOCKWINKEL is reproducibly adjustable for your subsequent training!

Write down this LEVEL for your VH-TOPSPIN and your RH-TOPSPIN.

This allows you to check the improvement of your RETURN STABILITY during a training period.

In this way, you can have great success and, in addition, enjoy your workout with your Returnboard.

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