Which table tennis player does not know this situation?


I have a table tennis table at home and a great way to practice table tennis.

Often I feel like a few rallies, but then I have no training partner.


I felt so in 1990. At the age of 47, after 30 years of active football in Berlin,

I started active table tennis sport at SC Berg in Baden-Württemberg.


Maybe some newcomers to table tennis will do the same.

Instructors and trainers are involved in student and youth training.

Active players make training games against each other. It's about points, not technique training.

A trainer in the active area, especially in the lower divisions, is rather the exception.


It says: "Learning by doing". Either you pack it or you stay at a back position in your game class.

Table tennis was a new challenge for me, especially as a 47-year-old

against well-trained and technically good 20- and 30-year-old players had to prove.


Now the situation described has occurred!

My table tennis sports fans had only sporadically time to train with me in addition.


But I had to do something to improve my performance.

So I got a table tennis table and pushed it in the cellar to the wall. When playing solo but came from the concrete wall very "funny eggs" back.

That was in 1997 - and it was at this time that the idea for a training device for SOLO-TRAINING was born.

I did not call it "Blockball Board", but, as Manfred Grumbach recommended, RETURNBOARD.

I am also grateful to Manfred Grumbach for being the DOUBLE RETURNBOARD at ISPO in Munich

presented to the sports public at the TSP booth.

My first Double Returnboard

combined with the TOPSPIN-NET

My Backhand Topspin Training at home

Active players in topspin training on the DOUBLE, SPEED, POWER Returnboard Mobile or Quattro Returnboard


for everyone at the individual table tennis sport at home


a valuable help in learning the table tennis technique, improving their playing ability

and at the individual table tennis sport are.


Several RETURNBOARD MODELS are now available for individual selection according to the skill level

and exercise task available.


After obtaining the Trainer C license, the B license and the knowledge from the beginner and youth training

at the TTC Ehingen there were thoughts about the development of further training devices, which are part of the technique training with children increase the factor game and fun and bring variety into training.


Returnboard rally training equipment provides high-quality table tennis training for every skill level.


In the year 2004 I played with my 61 years 2 classes higher in the front pair cross.

As a result of the intensive training on the Returnboard I was able to achieve an 11: 5 balance.


In the preliminary round 2008/2009 I reached with 65 years in the district class A in the middle pair cross a 10: 1 balance.

The back round 2010/2011 in the circle class A in the rear pair cross I finished with a 12: 0 balance.


Why am I telling you my table tennis story?

Because every novice or late-riser is able to improve their table tennis game through a special training with this Returnboard training method.

My newly developed training devices enable performance enhancing training as a result

Feedback on the ROTATION

Feedback on the TEMPO

Feedback on PLACEMENT and


and improved footwork

Our products are all available at www.returnboard-shop.de